Help! The fax I sent via email didn't go through.

This article is designed to help troubleshoot possible issues if you tried to send a fax through email, and it didn't go through.

This article is specific to sending a fax through email.  If you used the app to send your fax, click here to review common issues specific to faxing via the app.

Here are some of the main reasons a fax sent via email may not have gone through.

Over monthly account limit

FaxBurner free accounts have a lifetime limit of 5 outbound pages.  The professional account includes 500 pages per month (inbound & outbound combined), and Premier account includes 2,000 pages per month (inbound & outbound combined.)  If you are trying to send a fax that would bring you over your monthly limit, we will reject sending the entire fax.

Don't forget - a coversheet counts as a page.

You have 2 accounts with the same email address

Sometimes, instead of upgrading a free account to a paid account, our customers sign up for a brand new account.  This results in 2 active accounts - one free and one paid.  If those accounts use the same email address, it's not always clear which account to use when sending.  If you think this might have happened to you, please cancel your free account and try sending again.

We don't support the file type you attached

FaxBurner currently supports sending PDF, TIF and JPEG files.  Please make sure the file you are trying to fax is one of those file types.

The attached file is too large

There are a few reasons why large files can fail to send.

1) FaxBurner can accept attachments up to 25 MB.  Files that are larger than 25 MB will need to be broken into smaller chunks and sent one at a time.

2) Some email providers limit the size of attachments that you are permitted to send. Please confirm fax is less than the allowed file size.

3) Some fax machines - especially older ones - have limits on the size of incoming faxes.  If that is the case, the fax will typically be partially sent until the receiving fax machine runs out of memory.

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