Help! The fax I sent via the app didn't go through

This article is designed to help troubleshoot possible issues if you tried to send a fax through the app, and it didn't go through.

This article is specific to sending a fax through the app.  If you used your email account to send your fax, click here to review common issues specific to sending faxes via email.

Over monthly account limit

FaxBurner free accounts have a lifetime limit of 5 outbound pages.  The professional account includes 500 pages per month (inbound & outbound combined), and Premier account includes 2,000 pages per month (inbound & outbound combined.)  If you are trying to send a fax that would bring you over your monthly limit, we will reject sending the entire fax.

Don't forget - a coversheet counts as a page.

You upgraded, but your the app didn't recognize the upgrade

If you recently upgraded your account, but you aren't able to send a fax, it may be because the app still thinks you have a free account.  To fix this, try logging out of the app, and completely closing it.  Then, reopen the app, login, and try again.

Your network connection may be a issue

If you are connecting via wifi, try turning off that connection and attempt to access the app via your cellular network. And if you are using your cellular network, try connecting through wifi instead.

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